Here's my piece of advice for new devs out there:

1 - Pick one language to learn first and stick with it, untill you grasp some solid fundamentals. (Variables, functions, classes, namespaces, scope, at least)

2 - Pick an IDE, and stick with it for now. Don't worry about tools yet. Comment everything you're coding. The important thing is to comment why you wrote it, and not what it does. Research git and start using version control, even when coding by yourself alone.

3 - Practice, pratice and pratice. If you got stuck, try reading the language docs first and see if you can figure it out yourself. If all else fails, then go to google and stackoverflow. Avoid copying the solution, type it all and try to understand it.

4 - After you feel you need to go to the next level, research best practices first, and start to apply them to your code. Try to make it modular as it grows. Then learn about tools, preprocessors and frameworks.

5 - Always keep studying. Never give up. We all feel that we have no idea of what we are doing sometimes. That's normal. You will understand eventually. ALWAYS KEEP STUDYING.

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    Thanks! I needed this alot!❤️
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    I agree
    Best advices there is
    nuff said
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    I badly need this! Thanks man!
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    JavaScript can do everything...
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    I fell so stupid because i cant figure how to write code for # pyramid ;(
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    Nice Motivation!! ;)
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    I would only add to study any language that is very popular.

    Not because any intrinsic properties or popularity, but it usually has more documentation and examples.
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    @ggromx Good point. Start learning with a popular language because you have tons of documentation and examples available. Once you get that down, picking up another language is basically mapping paradigms from your mastered language to the newer one.
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