Never worked for this guy, just saw it someone else's feed and thought it would be appropriate here. This is not leadership. This is bullying and stomping on people in a vulnerable situation which most likely has very little to do with their work ethic and more to do with company health. Yea, definitely elevate yourself and be that A+ person for you. Not for assholes like this. A good leader would empathize and provide resources for advancement and transformation to roles that are more aligned to the current environment.

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    @aldkjdjs and unemployed
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    Look at my description I’m smart so don’t think by yourself and think like me.
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    "Faulty generalization – reach a conclusion from weak premises. Unlike fallacies of relevance, in fallacies of defective induction, the premises are related to the conclusions yet only weakly support the conclusions. A faulty generalization is thus produced." Copied from Wikipedia. =]

    Hasty generalization I guess.

    Probably he's just a stupid asshole looking for attention.
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    This type of big brain condemnation of people whom this person disenfranchised is one of several root problems with the socioeconomic structure of our society.

    Tl;Dr: that feels when a business major who contributes nothing tangible to society passes capitalism-as-moralism judgement on people that produce things.
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    @Mandrake exactly I forgot about list of cognitive biases

    clustering illusion, fundamental attribution error, just-world hypothesis

    this guy have serious mental issues lol
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    @SortOfTested the French economists in the 18th century who had this idea(agrocentric) springs to mind. Their idea had two classes, a productive class and one unproductive, which would put business types like him with the unproductives
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    This type of asshole probably prefers the lebensunwertes leben terminology.
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    My guess, he’s selling help and need customers
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    What a dick..
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    As I keep saying, that's what mustard gas is for.
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    @SortOfTested your burns are straight up poetry
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    Reminds me of the good old ' anyone can get rich , the poor are just a bunch of lazy fucks ' argument that you'll hear this upscale idiots who probably read too many get-rich quotes and think posting a stupid non-sensical prejudiced logical fallacy that is full of egotistic undertones makes them better than everyone else. I say FUCK YOU and you're the reason twitter sucks. ARRRRRGGHHHHH!!!!! **
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    A+ player...

    When you use an broken rating system of an even more broken education system...

    But guess that's fine.

    Walt Ramsey doesn't get any glitter stars for working hard.
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    Only A+ players deserve sustenance.
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    Every time I open that app my feed is filled with nothing but wankery. I'd like to think no one puts any stock in what these people say. But... *gestures broadly at everything*
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    Is that Facebook?

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    @F1973 I have a LinkedIn but I barely go there since I’m still a high-schooler.

    Fact about me: I once sent a resume to a company. Best thing, they never replied.
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    @F1973 oh no.

    Hell is waiting for me.
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    @F1973 of course comrade Floyd
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    Looks like the sort of dumbfuck who reads 2 medium articles and calls himself an ninja designer or some shit.
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    Being a jerk is a good way to get attention these days, can even get you elected.
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    @N00bPancakes oooh, good one!
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    Easy for him to say , rather to support...
    This way they can hire people with less pay making people feel they not worth of it... 😮
    These people are way bad than covid itself...
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    Exact comment you expect from someone who is a multitude of Big C's....that end with T..... 🙄
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