"Time to install Arch Linux!"
*8 hours later*
"Back to Open Suse!"

Repeat every 4-5 months.

Seriously, I would LOVE to get Arch running on my laptop, but everytime I try to something goes wrong, be it bootloader, audio, cooptimus drivers, undetected network card, window manager going crazy, etc etc etc... and I simply end giving up and reinstalling my backup.

Someday, Arch, someday...

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    😂 the struggle is real
    Next time try Antergos 😉
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    Look up the arch installer called feliz. Very simple and easy to use!
    Or you can try Manjaro or antegros which are derivates of arch.
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    @gnaaah @QuantumAtom Thanks for the tips, but the reason Arch attracts me is that "I know my computer" feeling, which I would not get with those easy-archs 😔
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    Arch is a good to manually install once or twice. You learn something, feel great and get tinkering.

    It showed me a more inside look into the file system etc, but it's not something I'd do day to day.

    Manjaro gives you a nice environment that works out of the box without having to spend another six hours after installation to get basic sound working.

    Tl;dr: install arch once or twice to learn, get an installer afterwards.
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