Just sharing a quick interview tip which helps alot.

Recruiter: Do you know this XYZ technology?

Candidate 1 : I don't know this technology, but if you GIVE ME A CHANCE, I will,

Candidate 2 : I don't know this technology, but I am confident enough that I will be surely be able to learn and implement at a very quick pace.

Candidate 2 was hired. And why? Just check the formation of the response from both the candidates.

Remove the phrases like "give me a chance" and "will try" from your vocab in an interview, always form your responses in a positive and confident manner.

Both the above responses are quite the same, but just due to their different formation, candidate 2 succeeded!

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    Nope, but I have used this this and this which do similar things. In this project I built this to do this, which is similar to the technology you are referring to. So it sounds like I will be learning a new thing when I come to work for you.
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    — we want a candidate not to be just a yes-man, you understand?
    — ...no
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    Neither would be hired in my book. Anyone can spout some nonsense about being confident to learn it.

    As above, the important thing is that you can relate it to other experience you have, and demonstrate conceptual understanding by relating it to something similar. For instance:

    "RxJava? I'm afraid I have no direct experience with that, but I do have extensive experience with other frameworks such as Akka and Reactor - so I understand the concept of an event loop, reactive streams, backpressure and so on, and I'm happy to answer any conceptual questions you may have on that topic."
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    This gave me some LinkedIn vibes man. Smh
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