Sometimes, when I’m stressed, I do this thing that I really enjoy looking at: installing updates.
Homebrew, pip, npm (global & local), apt, even manual updates in apps. This in several machines.

I like having the logs flow smoothly. It’s soothing.

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    Same here, I was wondering if I was the only weirdo enjoying updates. I feel like the updates will fix all the bugs in my life 😃
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    Until the updates break :)
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    @mr-user but then you have the joy of reinstalling/fixing what was broken.
    This reminds me, I need to reinstall Windows.
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    I am glad to be your reminder app.

    Have fun configuration your new Windows to look like the old one.

    Make a list of environment variable and all those weird thing you make while you are sleep deprived. I know it is hard but it got to be done.
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    It's waste of a cpu if it just idles
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