I HATE WINDOWS' WINDOW MANAGEMENT. I have two monitors and nothing can be maximized. Windows' spaces are terrible as well.
I am building in the back end in VS Code.
I have three terminals open because I need them to run multiple parts of the app locally.
I have postman open to try requests.
I have firefox for the orm system's documentation.
I have my database tool running as well.
I have an ERD diagram floating in a window.
I have another VS Code window showing a diff of my JSON compared to the version I'm replacing.
Also all of my team communication tools.

I have never hated shuffling windows around so much. Would it kill us to use some command line tools for http instead of Postman? Could we please get a decent shell in windows? Could we get some simple ways to switch between virtual desktops? Click click click. I can't automate clicking. Why do we use the most clicky tools we can find?

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    Haha, Window's window management.
    Bootstrap's bootstraps, arrrrgggh!
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    I notice that the download link on this page leads to blog from 2016. Sketchy. Intentional?

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    @irene I think you clicked the wrong link. The download link just went to the repo's releases page
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    Yeah. I clicked the Windows 95 link.
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    Not because Apple is great... or even good.

    But only because they suck a bag of dicks slightly less than Microsoft.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I love the window management in Pop!_OS.
    Workspaces are good. Quick launch and shortcuts for basically everything. Snapping works great.
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    @irene Ubuntu headless until the day I die.

    But if I have to run a desktop, btw, I use Arch.

    On mac I use Spectacle & Hyperdock & BTT for added window management and gesture functionality.
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    Not sure I can relate but brackets is what I use to combine everything.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Do you build UI?
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    ctrl+win+left/right arrow switches desktops. ctrl+shift+left/right moves a window between monitors. You can put windows in quadrants with win+arrow keys. If you need more than 4 windows at the same time or if you have a vertical monitor you'll have to use fancyzones which is too much clicking for me but it sorta works.

    Invoke-RestMethod in powershell is pretty good imo. But you have to buy into the whole powershell way of doing things. But of course there's also wsl which lets you run all the linux tools you know and love.

    And I just wanna say I'm no windows apologist. I'm just stuck with it and making the best of it
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    FancyZones from the Windows Power Toys is a real godsend. Dont know how i survived without it
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    Well, may be LEARN the damn OS you are using.

    Would it kill us to use some command line tools for http instead of Postman?

    Already have PLENTy of these. But postm,an is better because of GUI. And It will take you like 20 minuts to code it in p[owershell if you want command line

    Could we please get a decent shell in windows?

    New Terminal. SSH out of box, plenty of feutures (Including multi tab)

    Could we get some simple ways to switch between virtual desktops?

    Keyboard shortcuts.… WIN+CTRL+ left or right arrow.

    Learn the damn system.
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    @NoToJavaScript Why not keep curl shell scripts in a folder in the repo? Then one can use those for other things like generating records and blablabla. Or pipe multiple responses into a diff to see what changed. I would hope programmers aren't shaking their boots over a few productivity scripts. We use postman because the old microsoft developer teams are scared of shells.

    SSH out of the box? Tabbed terminal? Should I clap for things I saw 20 years ago? Oh wow what will these bleeding edge innovators think of next?

    What does snapping to half a screen do when you have 9-10 windows? You think I should be doing 2 windows per screen on 3 virtual desktops?

    Our team makes linux software on the linux subsystem using linux command line tools for linux containers that run on linux container management. Windows is a pair of clumsy worn out old shoes. It is like when you see a dead animal and think how good the fur looks but inside it is nothing but rot and crawlies.
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    No, no claps. They are late to this party.

    But you know you can run “almost unix” shell with Cygwin ?

    But now (Again super late) but you can just try Termial.

    And with all that said. I just put in production an MsSQL server. On Linux. Juste because it was faster than setup windows machine.
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    Fucking racist
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    @kiki Probably in some ways? Definitely not in a conscious or deliberate way.
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