What is your favourite thing about programming?

Mine is that there is always something new to learn

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    @thmnmlst Yeah, I noticed that too. I thought I was weird for being intrigued by how everything works the way it does, then I found out every other programmer is the same
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    Developing an understand about how things work
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    Mine is that I don't have to rely on other people's work. If something doesn't do what I want, I'll make my own
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    @RexOmni If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself 😉
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    Doesn't exist or do what I want it to do? I'll write it myself AND give it to friends (innovation by open sourceness/sharing)
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    @RahulFromFP That is a wrong assumption if you are talking about professional development. You should never reinvent the wheel...
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    @kpenc Are you referring to when I said if you want something done right you have to do it yourself? If so, I didn't mean to reinvent the wheel, I meant that sometimes you have to make the wheel yourself, rather than rely on others
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    @kpenc I partly disagree with "never"

    Why is it we have several manufacturers of wheels if we shouldn't do this, the answer is because those wheels offer different benefits.
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    Occasionally being able to hack my way around giving my e-mail address away for a freemium.
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    Ability to watch your code do cool things :)
    Learn new things
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    @thmnmlst I totally agree with you. Like when you play a game you start thinking about the logic behind it.
    I wonder how for example video creators or effect editors must feel..
    Do they still enjoy movies a much as we would? And can we still enjoy the games? 🤔
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