So I'm basically fucked.

There's a major bug on an SPA I developed for a client, but I can't reproduce it because I don't have a recent iPhone or iPad (the only ones I have a way too old and either way I can't debug them without a mac) and I can't reproduce the bug on my android.

To overcome this in the past I installed a hackintosh on my pc and used it's iphone emulator, but I fucked it up and had to reinstall all my OSs but was too lazy to reinstall macos. Now I don't remember how to install it anymore, idk where I downloaded the fucking mojave virtual box image and the macos bootable usb stick I have just doesn't work anymore (probably some missing kext or whatever).

I really do not know what I'm gonna do. There's this ios-webkit-debug-proxy thing that might help me, but it just looks like it's a hassle to install and since I don't know what I'm doing the chances of it working are pretty slim. I might try that but I'm fairly confident it won't work. And even if it does, I still can't install chrome on the iphone I own because it's too old and my dad probably won't let me upgrade it to a new version.

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    You could always buy one... It would be a business investment and your dad couldn't tell you what you can do with it.
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    @spongessuck not worth it, one is like 3-4 times what I earned with this SPA (yeah I charged way too little, I was dumb and lacked confidence, don't judge me)
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    If all you need is ios14, check browserstack.

    $50 to use an iOS device and cancel the subscription when your done and Bill the client.
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    What I do is stop being a cheap fuck and go buy a new phone and then write that shit off.

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    Just get one in a VM. I suppose Mojave was available as hacked unibeast install
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    @C0D4 oh nice, I didn't know about that. If nothing else works I'll try it out, since $50 is quite a bit where I live and the client wouldn't be too happy if I asked for it 😅
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi these things are expensive around here, client won't buy it for me
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    @3rdWorldPoison good idea, I haven't seriously considered that before because in my experience VMs are painfully slow, but I'll try it, hopefully it's not gonna be that bad.
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    @neeno Yeah that's a big one. It might be quite slow for emulation needs. Haven't tried it but as a worst-case solution, should be serviceable.
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    I don't wanna be THAT guy, but since it takes literally one minute, would you try that and see how that goes?

    Otherwise, here you can have some ideas
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    @neeno I really don't get why you're trying to fix it then. If the client doesn't pay your operational cost then they should learn to live with the bug.
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    @homo-lorens it's... Complicated. In short, the client is a friend of my mom and we had already agreed upon a fixed price for the project. I know, it's bad, I shouldn't mix friends with business, but I was naive at the time and now I'm stuck with this project.
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    @IHateForALiving try what? ios-webkit-debug-proxy? That won't take just a minute to install...

    The link you provided also didn't help much, but thanks anyway!
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