How to politely tell your client that their request for the new 'little' feature is unrealistic and fucking absurd?

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    "That little feature you need is unrealistic and fucking absurd."
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    Generally, I start with explaining them why it doesn't really makes sense & then (mostly) end up building it because it's easier than explaining & convincing them.
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    @tild3 @h3ll @vish Haha. My boss thinks we should not say no to the client because it will make us look bad. Going to kill myself. :) :) :)
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    @aadilp lol, It's time to change your boss bro. ;)
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    I usually brutally murder the client
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    "Dear Sir,
    This feature you are asking for is not "little". Are you sure you didn't mistake it for your.. wiener? Uhm.. sorry, pardon my language. I mean penis."
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    Leave out the "fucking"
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    @aadilp it's just a matter of changing from "no" to "yes, but it'll cost you XX"
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    @srgalleguillos scale the cost. I like it
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    @srgalleguillos I would have done that.
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    File a change request and bill accordingly. If you just know it's going to be bad, don't explain it, but show it. If your boss thinks telling them no is bad, explain to him that its not your company that looks bad for saying no, but its both companies that look bad for implementing some dumb shit.
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    @srgalleguillos the client will find that more offensive than swearing.
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    @Maharba definitely. a real win-win situation
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    @h3ll this! Just show them how much money it will cost.
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