Guys pls I just got started into this programing stuff and hope to be a programmer and make games in future. Which of these programing language would be good for me
Java script

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    @24th-Dragon you mean its recommended for game creators
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    It's one of the most popular languages for game behavior programming.
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    Start with brainfuck. I want to see what kind of a monster that would create.
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    @24th-Dragon ++ for mentioning game engines. Personally I would start with Godot engine. Much smaller size and can do both 2D and 3D pretty well. It exposes someone to scripting languages, visual languages, has C# version and can learn more in C++ side.
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    Because it looks a lot like many different languages and is also used on Unity scripts.
    You don't need to know a lot to to use it and jumping from it to C++, if you ever feel the need for power, will feel easier.
    Also after learning C#, learning Python for script stuff will be a breeze.
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    C# also for UDK.

    C++ is too heavy for absolute beginners maybe.

    Damn I miss XNA. Why did MS have to kill it? 😤
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    @Lensflare bruh!
    Am lost
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    @Udeoku where are you lost?
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    JS is definitely not ideal for game creation on any non tiny scale, not sure about python but from your list C++ seems best
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    I'd also say cpp is the most useful here.
    C# is basically next gen version of cpp really, so your can switch from cpp to c# easily but not the other way around. (Unity, Unreal and some others use cpp or c#)
    Python for game dev? Not a good idea.
    Javascript also won't be handy.
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    @Lensflare i told you am new to programing so what's XNA? And MS?
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    I'd say you need to start learning concepts, design patterns and jargon/domain-specific language.
    Choice of programming language is kind of secondary, since most of languages fall into one or more categories defined by basic concepts, i.e. na Haskell is purely functional, cpp is procedural/objective, java and c# are objective (but also adopt or allow you to use some concepts from functional paradigm)

    I'd go with c#, because it's quite universal, and you can learn objective and some of functional approach while working with it. That being said you probably should also learn some concepts that are used by game engines, like reflection, events and event listeners, concept of event loop and so on. That will help you to understand bigger picture, and should aloow you to use game engine to its full potential.

    Edit: fixed spelling mistakes; Note to self: triple check comments and posts for spelling mistakes while drunk :-/
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    @Udeoku that last thing about XNA wasn't really directed to you but MS is Microsoft and XNA was a game programming library until they stopped supporting it and let it die (like many other technologies).

    But you could have googled it in a few seconds.
    You need to get used to google stuff anyway because you won't get far without it.
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    @Udeoku While I would recommend C++ for professional game dev, you can't really go wrong with any of these *to start off with*. If your wish is to make games just pick up any one thing and keep at it. The skills are mostly transferable.

    C++'s downside is that it sucks royally as a prototyping platform, it really is only good for larger scale or performance critical stuff now (even in large scale game projects, they use C++ for infrastructure, and some scripting language like JS/Python/Lua/custom languages for game scripting). Go for an engine/language combo that you can find a good tutorial for and just take.it.away from there. Once you're ready to go pro, pick up the skills your desired job market needs.
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