iOS (14.2) users:
Can you open epic games in safari?

Wondering it this is some brutal block since the whole Apple/Epic war started or it's just my phone.


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    That's some next level tantrum
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    @Jilano I know right.
    Apple throwing fuel on the BBQ 🔥 🍢
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    On the second day of Christmas, a megacorp gave to me,

    The illusion of freedom as long as I wouldn't try to leave the Golden Cage of approved vendors,
    And some shitty overpriced hardware under the tree.
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    Apple don't steal your information but can block you a website 👍.
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    Works for me.
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    @Root do you work at Apple?
    I tried it again now and it works.....

    This is some kind of conspiracy!
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    @C0D4 had a coworker try, works here too.
    Maybe the Cupertino Communist Party has realized it got caught in the act and burned the evidence.
    Or it was a test run to see if people are already dumbed down enough to not care. That happens all the time.
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    Works for me. You’re fucking crackpots
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