Just came across this on SO earlier today.
fustrated dev.

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    You know it's been a tough day when the console starts outputting wtf. It probably started with "here" and "here2" and "down here" and... it slowly builds to "wtf" or "just work already"
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    wtf - web template forms
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    @vane creativity ++
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    On my apis if something unexpected happens...418

    That's my wtf.
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    @vane fuck it I am building my own template and naming it after this

    Stealing it from you, once I am done with my compiler learning and you see this shitstain in github you will know it was me.

    ill @ you
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    Wouldn’t that print on every successful login?
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    @devphobe Yes. But it's there because the code is not working.

    It reminds me of another joke, " It works why? wtf? It doesn't work why? wtf? So it's wtf either way.
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