IT Manager: What kind if attachment did you send me in that email?

Me: A .zip?

IT Manager: ...?

Me: A zip file? Zipped Folder?

IT Manger: ...?

Me: Umm... the data file you needed has to be sent in a zip folder because 6 different file types combine to make it? Just download the .zip and extract?

IT Manager: I don't know how to extract the files?

Me: ...

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    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe the IT manager in question has used Linux for so long they’re just used to .tar files?

    But damn. How tf do you not know what a zip file is
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    That's just disgusting.
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    Reminds me of a professor I had, required assignments to be emailed to him in .zip folder.

    He then couldn't fucking open the folder, which surprised the fuck outta me really. Took like 3 submissions to get it opened up. At one point I was about to email him a pdf of the damn thing.
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    Oooeeeh, such people are much fun! Enjoy! :D

    Seriously; just teach him all the basic stuff and he will be loyal for ever to you. And he should.

    If he's about your coins, you could see it as a good investment
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    @retoor first of all, welcome to devrant. Secondly, what in the Dennis Ritchie does that fuking mean
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    Make him/her pay for winrar
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    @TestInProd423 At least is better than having to put your pen drive with the deliverable inside a box on the teacher office
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    ...and this is why people are sceptical of middle managers.
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    I don't believe this shit.
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    @mundo03 I didn't either when he said it... sadly. Especially considering he's experienced 😂
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    @zvyn Yip, sat next to me and asked... but considering there are staff (non-IT) that don't know where the start menu is on windows, or get lost if the outlook shortcut isn't on the ribbon... it's just overall not great 😂
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    1. They should not be an IT "manager"
    2. Whoever hired them shouldn't be hiring people either
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    Me: your mom?
    IT manager: ...?
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    @10Dev through gross incompetence.
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