Client: I want this type of app and website.

Me: Ok, I i'll do that, let's discuss the whole functionalities and flows.

Client: No, not right now, you just start developing, we will discuss functionalities and flows later.

😲 😂

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    Welcome and good luck, we will probably hear from soon. ;)
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    You'll be pulling teeth on this one, and it will all be your fault (according to the client, that is). Good luck with it, I expect some juicy rants, don't hold back!
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    👍 @thmnmlst
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    👍 @aronmik
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    Run away while you still have your sanity
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    Would appreciate someone sharing tips how to deal with these kind of creature
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    @notBob Just don't do anything without a signed contract, but first you need to provide a detailed estimate/spec and for that you need cooperation from the client. If you can't get a proper brief on which to estimate then walk away. The contract will offer protection and should include a payment schedule. For good, solid contracts go to http://hellobonsai.com
    I used the contract for a law firm recently, they fine tooth everything and signed it with only a very minor addition.
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    i would laugh if it wasn't true
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    You should Laugh whether it is true or not. Because as a developer we have heard this type of statements many time. @MunzMan
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    Ok 50k upfront and you can have any unused money back when you decide what you actually need.
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