Guys need your opinion. How bad of a thing is it if I change my job in just a year. Stuck in a toxic team. I’m a Class of 2020 undergrad, joined my current firm for the’brand’ but my experience and expectations have been polar opposites. I’m not able to put myself 100% behind to look for other jobs as I keep worrying that switching this early would hurt my profile long term.

Just wanted to hear what yall think.

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    If you are stuck, not growing, or in a toxic environment, then go ahead and make a switch.

    You don't have to justify yourself to anyone who doesn't respect your growth or mental well-being.
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    @bizAnalyst If it's one change, it's not bad: things not working out, and you as junior didn't know what to pay attention to. It's a different story if you do that two more times within the next two years because then the question would come up whether it's the companies or you.

    @Floydimus That sounds all nice and cosy, but the harsh reality is that it would be a bad company decision to invest time into a job hopper who will be gone before he could win back the invested time. That's why hiring managers are sceptical.
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    Could you speak to your boss about your expectations vs reality and see if things can be set right?

    If not, you will need a switch
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    @Fast-Nop I stayed at my first employer for nearly a decade before moving out very recently. I faced the same challenge in job hunt as my friends who are job hoppers.

    I get your point on job hopping but just a switch should not be a reason to tag OP as a job hopper.

    1. Is OP doing is frequently?
    2. Has OP stayed at any org longer?
    3. If it's only one job switch in a short time then what is the reason?

    And many more such parameters can be a consider to evaluate a candidate.
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    @Floydimus Sure, that's why I also wrote that it won't be in issue in this specific case because a fresher with no experience what to look for ending up in a bad company isn't anything unusual.

    Especially if the "do you have questions" part of the interview shows that he has learnt something from it. Because, if the company can answer these points properly, they can assume that he stays like three years if things go well. On the other hand, if the company can't answer well, i.e. because they suck, they know he won't want to be with them anyway.
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    Get the fuck out. Life shouldnt be about toxic ppl and stuff you dont want to do.
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    @Floydimus Wouldn’t say I’m not learning. There’s a fair deal of learning, my problem is the immediate people in my team.
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    @asgs I did speak to manager, he told me to try and sort it out with my team lead.
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    @bizAnalyst a senior in my first team told me this when I was annoyed of people around me.

    She said, Floyd, never quit your job for people. Quit if the reason is someone else. You'll find all kinds of people everywhere. With millions of years of evolution, human behaviour has changed, but human nature hasn't.

    You'll have politics and assholes everywhere. You need better reason to quit, unless the workplace offers nothing else and has multiple issues. But if it's just people then think again.
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    My linked in / resumé demonstrates I hopped through 3 jobs in a year. It's raised questions for sure but questions I've been able to answer.
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