Just a regular Indian street.

Notice something in the lower right corner?

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    @-red what's that street in Hyderabad where they teach you everything?
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    @Floydimus LoL most streets are like that in Hyderabad. Ameerpet is supposedly famous for that. Kukatpally is another area where there are tons of places where you can learn pretty much anything.
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    @-red oh yes. Ameerpet.

    @kiki check this. Lmao
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    objectively, these are nice images with a certain dystopian esthetic.... I like it, any high res images? I love collecting wallpapers...
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    That’s normal. Internet or real life, we teach every fucking where every fucking thing. Don’t guarantee the teaching quality, though.
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    @NeatNerdPrime letsenchance.io
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    @Floydimus that’s crazy. In a good way. It’s nice to see the nation being this dedicated in getting mass education and solving their problems.

    If only Russian walls were like this and not plastered with illegal prostitution and drugs ads. Data science is better.
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    @kiki that's a domain for sale? not sure how this relates to the topic?
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    @kiki this is where you are wrong. These privately run classes care more about the cash than actually educating the students.

    And students care more about the certification they receive at the end of the coaching period to land jobs than the knowledge.

    Hence, majority of produce from India is shit primarily because of this reason.
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    @NeatNerdPrime you aren’t very bright are ya
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    @Floydimus I think there’s a misunderstanding. They wouldn’t set all this up if it wasn’t for the demand.

    There is no such crazy demand where I live.
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    @NeatNerdPrime I’m terribly sorry. I’m the one who’s stupid. I mistyped the domain.


    This. It allows you to use AI to enlarge images and it does a pretty good job.
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    1. Demand is primarily because our labour is cheap so we are back to the idea of 'Bangalored'

    2. We are cheap because the competition within us is too high.

    3. Competition is high because of our population.

    Surely a supply demand game, but a rigged one.
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    @kiki when did you come to India. You did move out of Russia I did remember that froma few months ago.
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    @Floydimus same three points can be applied to every kind of business, including the criminal one. But they chose teaching people how to code. That’s genuinely amazing.
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    @tarstrong borderline illegal activities in Russia exploit people’s greed and scam them offering forex trading, mlm, casinos and fraudulent sport bets. Borderline illegal activities in India choose to exploit the need for education, at least some of them. This shows that a huge amount of Indians desperately want education.

    Average Russian people are just as undereducated as average Indian people. But we don’t strive for educational opportunities and jobs that require intelligence.

    To me the difference is night and day.

    All these Russian founders and programmers still come from the soviet tradition of striving for knowledge and pride over religion and other beliefs. This tradition is dying and we can only hope that zoomers will invent their own framework to make themselves learn. I’m so glad this is what’s happening.

    Contrary to this, all these Indian founders and programmers are of the new ideological generation. That’s the difference.
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    @tarstrong it’s not. Scams are obviously abundant in both India and Russia. What I’m saying that even if such education is a scam, the strategy of this scam itself shows the demand for education in India.

    Can’t exploit people’s need for education if there is no such need.
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    @tarstrong this is all I wanted to say. Glad you think the same.

    As for the survivorship bias, I’m aware of it and obviously talking about the prominent ones.
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    @kiki I would agree if you were to remain on your stance of me not being very bright... I'm a systems administrator after all.
    But the new link does look interesting! Another one in the 5000+ bookmarks accumulated over my lifetime...
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    @Floydimus seems like an opportunity to setup shop and actually train some students to a level of competence that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack.
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    @Wisecrack nah! We Indians are inherently dumb and retarded.
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    @Floydimus I have a great love for self deprecation. Nevertheless what you wrote can apply to almost any nation these days.

    "If everyone's sPeCiAl no one is."
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    @Wisecrack I am not self depreciating.

    I want to make a post how pathetic we Indians are since few days but unable to make time for it.

    Ask any Indian and they'll tell you, that country and countrymen are beyond fucked.
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