Not a rant, but can we appreciate the nice color scheme of dev rant. My eyes feel good.

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    It's really nice, much dark, I do enjoy it.
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    Yeah, light theme ftw!
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    @Cyanide monster! I have no idea how anyone likes light themes. Tbh the light theme pretty good. But my eyes
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    @C0D4 that’s really nice. A good reason to upgrade!
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    @C0D4 Blackest Black representing.
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    @champion01 If you are not in absolute dark, dark themes do bad not good.
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    @Cyanide due to an eye condition, I would love to look at light themes, they can be stunning and delightful to look at, but the excruciating eye strain from light themes i get is not worth it anymore.

    I don't enjoy dark themes like I do light themes, but it's the ease of use that comes with them, for me anyway, drives me towards them.
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    @champion01 get blue light filter on your glasses.

    Lifted my spirits and sanity up
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    @C0D4 dark themes are just a social construct 😏

    - Floyd, who cannot afford dark theme.
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