After working with web development for years, I decided to get a degree in CS.

The lecturer taught so many things wrongly, and I kept arresting him. Eventually he asked me politely to leave class.

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    What seemed to be the problem officer?
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    > arrêter == "to stop" en français
    Possibly the origin? Lol
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    Why the F get a cs degree? So useless, college is just a pain in the ass. If you've been working in web development you don't need that stupid shit
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    @Mayhem93 Because I got paid less than coworkers with a degree, doing the same job.

    Also, I needed to reboot my life and do something else. That's why ☺️
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    @haabe I get the second part. The first one is real stupid imo, employers doing this is sad :(
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    @Mayhem93 I agree. It's your skills that matter, not how or where you acquired them.
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    It's that in France, for large companies, they have the obligation to pay salaries fixed by some factors, and having a degree is one. I think the engineering commission sets those rules.. At least that's what they told me when I was studying mechanical engineering
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