Last year during my HTML/CSS exam, there was a question requested that items should be displayed in the center of the screen and move outwards as you add in to them.

There were three given IDs for the divs. Left, right and main. So what I did to reduce the amount of code written(mind you this is written on paper). I just used the main class wrapped it inside a container and then did what the question was asked and achieved the same result. My teacher still gave me 0 points even though I provided a solution better than what most other students actually did. His reason was, you should've done as I said.

And yes, yes we're writing our coding exams on paper.

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    This world is fucked up!
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    Why code on a computer. Its overrated. Man what a world...
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    @KnightsOfCode sometimes it's useful and helps you only think about the solution and not the tools.
    But I think it shouldn't be done often.

    And the big 4s tech interview are done on paper/whiteboard so you better get used to it.

    Me and most good devs I know cam code, on paper, smartphone, computer, just speech, frozen glass lol.

    As long as you have a good memory and know what you do, you can code anywhere. Lol
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    @KnightsOfCode yup. I failed an sql exam because I didn't include a group by clause... Would've made it if I had a computer 😂
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    That syntax there bud.
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    I got docked marks on my last midterm because I used a FileInputStream instead of a DataStream...
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    All my programming related exams are done on paper too. Makes the hand sore but I get why they do it.
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    @juniordev it's still shit
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