Manager: In order to increase business resiliency we will be doing cross training this week.

Dev: What does that involve?

Manager: Everyone will do everyone else’s job for one day each. After this you will all be considered trained so that if anyone can easily fill in for anyone else.

Dev: …

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    That begs the question: does that include management's job?
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    Manager: Today you and I swap jobs!
    Dev: Cool! You're fired!
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    There Are No SuperHeros In AGILE!

    Fuck that.
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    Lets hope you don't work in a private hospital..
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    @magicMirror I hate when “agile” is used to flatten talents
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    If we burn down the building ... accidentially.... we might get insurance money, that would be easier?
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    it's really fascinating that whenever i see people complaining of managers in this app it's a knowledge management problem
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    Lol that would absolutely shut down all work for one day in our team 😅
    Backend guy on Android: Uhm… sure why not?
    iOS guy on web: Hell yeah, let’s do this!
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    I'm reminded I used to live in an area like that.

    Not real industry to speak of, since every time someone started something, there would be a "mysterious fire".. the moment it got into any kind of financial difficulties..

    Mind you, where I am, the same thing seems to be happening too..

    Though, with many buildings made of wood, they are not what you call 'fire proof' to start with..

    Though in a bunch of electrical stuff fitted by folk who don't know how to do it very well, and its a recipe for disaster !

    I'm reminded of one place, that someone thought it was a good idea to put the servers in the same room as the towels..

    Or was it the other way around..

    Anyhow, one towel too many later, and the place caught fire.
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