I've been working as a developer for 10 years now... I got my first software development job when I was still learning for my masters.

After all this time I have switched programming languages and product types a few times from web development to mobile apps to desktop software (C++, CEF, QT,).

And I have come to the conclusion that I want early retirement... like right now retirement... I'm done dealing with management that doesn't understand shit... dealing with people we have outsourced part of the shit to... needing to fix stuff that is broken after some other person refactored the code and didn't fully test it and it somehow got approved... dealing with people that think that "know better" and implemented things like that 5 years ago because they thought like "THAT" and will not accept my merge request because of that.

Like don't get me wrong I love to make and develop software, but since this is the 3rd job in the row with a toxic environment like this I feel like I need to move to the country side and open up a farm or something :|

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    Coming from two years in which I was body rented to a company which did “fake agile” I feel you, I just don’t like the idea of the farm, sound beautiful in pictures but it seems a nightmare job for me, if in future I’m going to be forced to switch jobs I’d rather get into plumbing or electrical works
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    @DEVil666 yeah... plumbing or electrical would also be fine :D

    the thing I don't understand is why every company has these problems ?
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