My first software teacher almost made me quit programming for life.

She spent the entire year not showing us how to make a shity app in visual basic. Zero help. We all hated it.

At the end of the year and she realised she had 'forgotten' to teach us 70% of the course. We all failed miserably! I didn't touch programming for almost 3 years. (unless you could MATLAB, which I don't).

That was when I discovered Mehran Sahami's CS106A course on the Stanford website. Honestly the best teacher I've never met! His passion is boundless and mastery of teaching is second to none. Thanks to him I discovered programming and I love it! Karol the robot should get a special mention too!

Good teachers make the world of difference.

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    Did you try CS50?
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    cs50 is awesome!
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    My first teacher was so arrogant and think she is over smart and see students are dumb. She made me hate Java..I didn't like it all amd loat interest in it. After several months I started self teaching myself.
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    I have this Phyton class in college that the teacher just doesnt teach. So me and my friends made a study group to learn by ourselfs. For now, it appears to be working. Wish me luck!
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    @c0der0 That sucks. Hope it's better now.
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    @arthurolga huge thumbs up for taking the initiative and starting your own thing.
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