And so I have ranted earlier about how a panelist during my thesis defense told me that my algorithm is not an algorithm because it needs mathematical equations to be called an algorithm. I also told you guys that I facepalmed during the course of the interrogation.

Now I failed my thesis because I facepalmed. I quit school because of that but now I'm a better career person than him. I already started my freelance team and earning more than double his salary and he's still suck at being a low quality professor.

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    Any algorithm needs a mathematical equation and also the proof be it as simple as calculating fibonacci sequence or as hard as distributed Dijkstra. How is one even going to calculate it's time and space complexity if you can't write it's mathematical proof? your professor was correct.
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    @anekix also having a less salary is considered low quality?when did that happen? Almost every professor earns less than so called self proclaimed programming hipsters who can just work on some framework or library . Does that mean they are low quality?? heck no!!! It's such a lame statement
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    @anekix well what he means is that I need to use addition, subtraction etc. Sorting algorithms mostly use comparisons and not actual mathematical operations. I also use while loops and no for loops so basically there's no addition of numbers at all. One thing that I haven't mentioned is that I've used the PHP built in blowfish encryption and he approved that as an algorithm that I wrote (which is clearly not the case).
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    @anekix he doesn't have low salary. He has good salary. He's a low quality professor because 1 he teaches at college without even a year of experience in the professional field. He's been my professor in Java and PHP and I can assure you that sometimes he's just pretending that he knows what he's doing.
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    @angelangelesiii two things first comparison is also a mathematical operation.even sorting algos need proofs and equations to study them . Let me give you a example.how many comparisons does merge sort makes until the list is completely sorted it's between (n lg n - n+1) and (n lg n+ n+ O(lg n)). Also how do you represent it's recurrence relation? It is T(n)= 2T(n/2)+n .how can we get that ? By using what u called equations.and yes they flatten down to basic additions and subtractions.
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    @anekix i know that comparisons are mathematical operators when we're talking about programming algorithms. However this professor disregarded all of those and he says that he needs to see multiplications and divisions and whatnot to call that an algorithm. I know you know what I mean. To be more specific: he's confusing mathematical algorithms to programming algorithms which are clearly different.
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    @anekix @angelangelesiii you both have same idea of an algorithm so knock off. also the professor seems to be an egoistic basterd.
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