The demand of most employers these days are "I pay you money, do as I say" . Sometimes I wonder am I an employee or a hooker ? You hired me because your project wouldn't be possible without the skillset I possessed. My job is not to please you.

I can feel my virginity violated since the first day of my employment, because I am F**ked everyday working with these turds .

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    Well they can have their shitty devs and watch their company sink. Your boss will regret getting rid of you. I bet that place will be extinct like the dodo bird next year.
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    @johnmelodyme gonna give you an contextualized version of the explanation my father (a hospital practitioner) gave me. But first, an eons old example:


    Basically, we're all sages of code that can make bosses' wishes become true.
    But bosses may get greedy or frustrated.

    Some don't know how we do what we do and get frustrated when their "solve everything" button cannot be done. So they break it down on mindless tasks and boss people around to do those, great picture be damned.

    Others know what we do (and often used to be devs themselves) and yet may fall victim to hubris and impatience. They end up pushing misguided tasks on abused workers, in hurry to please their own bosses.

    All those types think they can still use your knowledge and skills after beheading your will and sense of purpose. As suggested by @TeachMeCode , show them that they can't. Not for long.
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    If you need to work to earn money for a living your are hooker.
    No worries 90% of us are. Just find a better pimp.
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    There's a sliding scale of management that ranges from "hire people you trust, leave them to it", to "micromanage everything". Micromanaging people is easier but less productive.

    I saw the slides from a previous company CEO interview, and they'd pitched themselves as the former but... They weren't.
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    This could one of those tricky interview question - what do developers and hookers have in common? 😂 Lol
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    @johnmelodyme I feel the pain. The simple way out is charge high. From my experience i can tell that people who pay high trust your skills more than the ones who pay less. They may be hard to find but not hard to sustain and much more rewarding to work for.
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    I agree most of us are essentially hookers. I think the problem with tech work is that pretty much nothing can happen in a business without us. Most every idea needs some sort of IT support, so we’re always “in the way” and we get treated that way a lot. For example, a much larger competitor just released a wonderful public API to their systems. When asked why we didn’t have that, my response was: What staffing level do you think they assigned to that project? The look I received from the business person was not a pleasant one. Ideas are cheap - implementation costs money.
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    I don't think it's nowadays, it's just part of the system we have. this wouldn't happen if they couldn't threaten people with homelessness and hunger. i know people think that's why we work, but I'd like to work without that impending doom looming over my head, too stressful
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    @darksideofyay good points - plus, at least in the USA, if you lose your job, you lose your health insurance in a lot of cases. We’ve tied everything that matters to the employer so they can crush us. At least with the pandemic the power is swinging a bit back the the employees, but I don’t think that will last long.
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    @fiftyhz in brazil we have a lot of programs - health, food, shelter - but they're poorly maintained. people use that as an excuse to try to shut them down, instead of improving them
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