Since my XPS battery is dying I'm flirting with an idea of a new laptop. Requirements:
- 13" display
- 4k display (I'm so used to high-res that x1080 looks like accessibility mode)
- 16 (worst case), 32 (OK), 64 (possible?) GB RAM
- long battery life
- i7 or Ryzen equivalent (I need lots of ram, lots of computing power)
- plays nice with Linux
- GPU preferably integrated (don't need a separate GPU)
- ultrabook (small, compact, light) (I don't like to exercise while carrying it. God forbid I'd grow a muscle... )
- purrrrtty :)

So far the best candidate I've found is... XPS13 again :D The setup I'm after costs ~1.6k€ which is not that bad, really.

Is there anything else in the market that'd meet the criteria? Anything worth looking into? Better deals?

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    Remember that branding of the cpu matters less than the power target if talking about chips with the same architecture. You're looking at a low power sku if you want portability.
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    @electrineer hmm.. Point taken.

    Would arm be a better compromise? Anything in this league available out there yet?
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    I'm looking for something similar and I'm tempted by tuxedocomputers.
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    Replace the battery of your old notebook and keep it
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    @prodigy214 apple has touch and ~4k on 13" models?
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    @netikras no no, just buy an apple to eat while you're searching for a lappy
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    Lenovo Yoga C940-13IIL

    One of the best 4K screens ever. Plays perfectly ok with Fedora
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    How TF you see anything on 13" with 4k?

    I try booting into clonezilla and everything is so small I can barely read it. I have a 15" with 4k.
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    @Demolishun I guess I got used to it :) Well okay, to be fair I'm only using 2560x1440 :D But still, that's not something a standard 2k can provide.

    On 1920x1080 I can't work w/o zooming my browser out to 75%. It just looks like accessibility mode if I don't. And I surely wouldn't enjoy if my personal laptop was like that.
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    @arekxv It says:
    > Display
    >14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, glossy, touchscreen with Dolby Vision™, 400 nits

    Am I looking in the wrong place?
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    @netikras You have different spec versions of it. Full HD and 4K.

    This one has 2TB m.2 which is a bit overkill but its a general idea:
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    @arekxv Nice one!
    This one definitely goes to the "probably" pile too!
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    Clevo/Sager doesn't actually come with windows. You have to pay for windows if you want it. You can check to see if they have business class machines. The ones I saw had nvidia, so you may need to see if anyone carries any other gpus. I have a 3060 based sager that runs fine for me. I have linux dual boot, but I haven't spent the time to work out the issues with nvidia support yet.
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    My super professional review:

    I have the XPS13 and I hate it. This is my second one, of the same model, because the office orders them in bulk.

    It got a little bit better after a firmware/bios update. It works OK with Linux, at least the latest version of PopOS installed without hickups, and everything is working.

    But it gets excessively hot.

    Both laptops, in Windows and Linux. The machine just isn't built to handle the thermal load of the components properly.

    13" is too small for comfort, both screen and keyboard wise.

    My super professional review conclusion:

    Best laptop is a Desktop. Desktops have space for ventilation. Desktops have peripheral ports. Desktops have performance for a lower price. Desktops are easy to repair and upgrade.

    Mobility is overrated. Just fucking stay in one place already.

    And if you are one of those freaks who enjoys "sunlight" -- just go absorb your outdoors radiation quickly, and come back inside.

    Laptops suck.

    The end.
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    @bittersweet Thank you.

    yeah, black surface is not very sunshine-friendly, I agree with that. However, can confirm any Linux issues (apart maybe from fingerprint support). And size-comfortability is a subject to preference :) And over 5 years I've grown to love the 13" form factor.

    BTW: why the constant overheat? Mine is barely ever turning fans on. It's only whooshing hard when I really, REALLY push it hard. Tried this https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/... ?It's really good at what it does
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    As someone already asked, why don't you just replace the battery?
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    @dmonkey @kurast

    I would, if Dell was still manufacturing them. I reached out to what.. 4-something resellers in the country. All of them came back to me with the same answer: Dell is no longer manufacturing this type of battery and the best they can offer is something made by non-dell. And I had but poor experience with such batteries (I've had 3, two of which only served me for a year and the third one tortured me from day 1).
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    @netikras motherfuckers. I hate when this happens.
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    @prodigy214 Good to know, thanks!

    However, 5k€.... umm.. that's a lot. Especially for something that'll keep on demanding for more and more $s along the way

    But it's good to know there's an option :)
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