I recently got into an interview where the interviewer made a huge mistake:

R: “what’s your resignation period?”
Me: “well, long story short I’m working on a contract so it’s actually short, just 1 month”
R: “mhhh could you make it 2 weeks somehow? We may really need to start sooner”

This is a sentence you shouldn’t say as a recruiter as now I know:
- You are desperate to find someone
- You have a time urgency
- You failed to find someone before
- You basically confirmed you want me in

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    The only days that I don't hate the world we live in with passion are the ones I don't think about the job market.

    I'm a programmer. I work with programs. I'm pretty good at it and I can prove that. I am not a businessman or a trader, and I do not want my carreer defined by being outheckled by natural traders who learned to code.
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    @lbfalvy I agree, but we live in a society and I’m tired of having my pay downrolled by hr’s bs tactics like: “oh no there must be a misunderstanding we don’t have that budget”

    Bro, heard this 7 times already, your excuse is not smart
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    When the recruiter corporate drone has a less exploitative and more cooperative mind set than you...
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    @Oktokolo “what’s your current salary?”

    Yeah. Less exploitative… Sure.
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    @Oktokolo A cooperative mindset is suicide in a competitive environment. You need to create the environment first, by ensuring reward for collaboration.

    I hate the system but its rules sadly do seem to work.
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    @lbfalvy it’s a system that becomes increasingly easy to decode, and increasingly more painful to accept. I honestly hate having to pay care to these details and I feel partially bad for doing it, but…

    I used not to care too much about this stuff, but all changed after this sentence:
    “I’m the dev you pay less in the studio, I’m asking for a x% increase to adjust the salary for inflation, it seems reasonable to me.”

    Was met by: “we’ll consider it in six months, we are not sure about it. For now can you please do overtime unpaid work? You are very good at what you do and we’d prefer you to be on the project”
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    What's funny is, that they have a candidate with 1 month notice and they are desperate for 2 weeks.

    So they reject the candidate and go about finding another one and going through the hoops all over again spending more time, energy, and money.

    And then they finally get someone with 2 weeks notice, after spending another few months of hiring process.

    This doesn't make any sense to me at all.
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    Sorry, commented on what has been written instead on what has been omitted.
    I hereby grant thee absolution.
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    @Oktokolo well, I didn’t expect anyone to try and defend he/recruiters on devRant so my bad on not including it…

    Yet you jumped to the conclusion I have an exploitative mind, I just pointed out a problem in an interaction I had, didn’t say stuff like “I’m going to milk these guys for money” or “time to ask for more money”, just explained why saying such stuff is bad.
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