Manager: "We can't have new releases breaking older versions of the mobile app!!!!! We'll lose all our customers!!!!"

fullStackChris: "That's fine, we can do API versioning, but it will take some time to implement, I'll have to be quite careful and write some tests to implement it. Probably 2-3 weeks..."


fullStackChris: "So how do you wanna support multiple versions of the app without doing any sort of versioning?"

Manager: "...we'll think of something!"

Dev: "..."

And with 99% certainty, I expect to hear this in a week or two:

Manager: "fullStackChris, we'd like to introduce you to the highly technical concept, API versioning. It's a way to version the API so we can support multiple versions of the application our customers use! It's amazing! Please implement this immediately so we can support multiple versions of the application!"

Sigh... each day managers learn a bit more how physical reality works... you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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    A good manager asks the developer for advice and trust their opinion. I could not work with a manager that doesnt listen to me when i tell him/her the idea they have wont work.

    I once quit my job since the manager wouldnt listen to me. Every friday i was pissed because of him instead of happy that weekend was coming.
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    @dmoen I went from being THE technical decision maker to being the code bitch for no reason other than org restructuring.

    It's very taxing. But now it's easier with the bottle of scotch I keep at my desk.

    Wherever someone ignores my advice, I take a drink.

    Wherever it goes horribly wrong, I take a drink.

    Wherever I have to fix it because they failed to listen to me, drink.

    First thing in the morning, drink.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I might have a problem with management.
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    And with alcohol lol
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    @Earu don't really see him having problems with alcohol
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    @Earu I have no problem with alcohol.

    I should know, I'm an alcoholic!
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    Hahahaha these comments are great :)
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    I learned something from my freelance years.

    When a manager says "I don't have time for that"

    I just ask: "Do you have time to do it twice?"

    And let them stutter.
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