I'd like to ask: What's trending at the moment instead....

Either I'm old and senile and missing something, or there is not really sth new.

Okay, JS might be crapping out new frameworks in their common "Not invented here" diarrhea....

But otherwise? What's really new?

I don't really know. I'm not only thinking about languages and stuff, but even in hardware there ain't really a big thing going on in my opinion.

Hab ich wat verpennt?

(Have I overslept?)

We had an interesting and frightening discussion regarding NGINX, as it is russian software today and that a new trend of a true, actively developed webserver is severely lacking... Apache looks semi dead and most other niche webservers, too.

That's all I've seen as a "trend" discussion in the latest time

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    Same shit, different day.

    After server-less and micro architecture, where were we supposed to go? Everything is a service and no one knows what a database is anymore.

    Replacing Apache / Nginx with something new would be just spinning the wheel for something else to be introduced with security exploits.

    The world has ran out of momentum and now we sit here and bask in the shit that has been created, and yes it does rot in some corners.
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    @C0D4 yup. I'd be happy for an nginx replacement as nginx without plus equals no fun.

    Rest of comment, completely agree.
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    Nö hast nicht verpennt ^^ But good point with nginx. Currently I heavily use nginx, but just as proxy between containers. Maybe traefik is worth a try.
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    @preezer if you just want an proxy, give HAPRoxy a try.

    Traefik is a middleware and doing a lot more of things - if it's just reverse proxying, use HAPRoxy (in a recent version).

    Might take a peek at the data plane API / REST runtime API.

    I'm honestly amazed how much features HAPRoxy is packing.
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