The truth behind Ai

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    That would be grat. But instead of a decision tree of any sort, it most often is just a lot of homogenous layers of interconnected non-linear functions with weighted inputs differing only in the weight values. You can easily debug an if-else-tree, while debugging artificial neural networks is an interesting research topic which might earn someone a Nobel Prize - if it ever gets figured out...
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    @Oktokolo Thank you! Absolutely correct .

    Also, AI is not only machine learning or deep learning, its also knowledge representation which falls under a different branch in AI
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    Yes - that is exactly how bayesNets work!
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    deep learning with 10 layers [1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[0,1],[1,0],0]0],0],0],0],0],0],0],0]
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    @adamjkeith It is too detached from reality to be a good joke. It also can't be a good meme for the same reason.
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