It's been 2 weeks please merge my PR

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    I had MR which I waited for a year to be merged.
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    @darkwind Wow, 1 year is equal to 10 new major JS frameworks...
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    I would love to Tommy, but management has taken it upon themselves to interject their opinions of when we should merge and deploy changes.

    It will be a cold day in hell before I let them let go of the handlebars on this moped as we scream towards the edge of the abyss together.

    Mutually assisted destruction is more than just nukes Tommy and I swear to God if they flinch just the slightest before we reach our destination I will drop this match into the gas tank and end it all just to send a fucking message.
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    Those kinds of maintainers that are so fast to close issue without resolving the delegate ones, but can't do jack shit with 3 months old PR.
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    Dev 1: "For fuck sake Tom! Why does Gina from HR need to approve my PR for me to be able to merge it?"

    Dev 2: "VP com and CEO said it's because we need to make sure it is gender and cultural inclusivity compliant." *sigh*
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