So here i am with 1 year of react exp working a job of 4.2 lakh rupees per annum, i am feeling...nice but then i come to know my bro in law got admission in IIM and he would swim in a lot of money (around 30LPA) after he passes out and i am depressed now :'(

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    Its no use comparing like that.

    Would you have the patience and interest to learn the legal things required for his job?

    I know i would not, which means I would never be happy at such a job and probably would not do a good job.

    Some jobs pay better just because there are less people that can do them good enough.

    If it was easy to do it would not pay as well.

    But development have similar jobs once you get more experience.
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    I'm assuming management, which is typical of having a higher pay rate then devs.

    Sadly, they get paid more to pay you less for your efforts ๐Ÿ˜

    Dev vs Management isn't a fare comparison unless you're a Lead / Principle dev but I'm assuming that's not the case here.
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    @C0D4 haha he is a cool kid, but...you know it kinda feels bad haha, but he studied a lot to get 99 percent in CAT exams to get into IIM so kudos to him for that but still i kinda wish i would have got 20-30 LPA when i was a fresher instead of 2.5 LPA when i started in IT :p
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    @Voxera yeah you are right, management people have a lot of headaches
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