I programmed.
I broke my E on the keyboard.
I can't program anymore.
I am sad.

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    Buy another keyboard? They are cheap.
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    Replace E with another unused key like insert
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    So.. your kyboard brok
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    Time to write code without any E's then. Or buy another keyboard, they're like $15. Or buy a nice keyboard for $150 and don't break it.
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    Might have to use var instead of let... 😂
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    I used to have a Microsoft 600 keyboard. Lasted me enough to almost rub a hole through the space bar. Survived spills of honey, coffee, and lots of other liquids that I'd rather not mention. I was so pleased with it that I recommended it to some friends, who are now huge fans of the keyboard and laugh at me whenever I suggest to them to try a nice mechanical keyboard.
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    It just occurred to me that you have used 'e' in your first 3 lines of your rant...

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    It's a laptop BTW.
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    You can still write programs in brainfuck and whitespace... 😉
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    As a programmer, you should have at least 3 keyboard at home! With different color of mechanical keys
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    have "e" in your copy paste thingy.

    sry, im too stupid to remember the name, ugh
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    @gnulinuxer4fun clipboard?
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    — hllo, cod?
    — cod machin brok
    — undrstandabl, hav a nic day
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    So use these:



    (MIT license)
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    Aah... the stupidity of some comments.
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