I work with absolute 🤡🤡🤡s.

That is all.

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    This is a worldwide practice
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    I was unaware that there was any other situation available
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    Beep boop 🤡
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    @fiftyhz There are. I work with an absolutely lovely team of developers :) Just gotta find that one good team :)
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    Clown vision activated.
    *Everyone looks exactly the same*
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    I work with evil clowns (sister co assholes)
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    Maybe my next job interview should go like this:

    "Hello I'm X, is your company full of clowns, if so, I can help since I'm not."

    Off to a good start ?

    Reminds me when I was trying to buy a phone, and had to wait to see the "Phone Guru" at the shop who was out to lunch..

    When they got back, they didn't know anything about the phone I was interested in.

    I asked if their was any job openings going.

    They asked why was I asking.

    I said, if they can hire someone like you who doesn't know anything as an expert, and I know just slightly more than you already, I should get a job easy like !
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    @Nanos My problem from the start with this one is that I'm also a clown. A fullstackclown.
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    @fullstackclown How did you get your first paying job ?
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    @Nanos pandering to the king. I can juggle!
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