Yay I got teammates

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    I find hackathons a scam.

    Feed them pizza and burn them out by making them work overtime on weekends.
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    I’m on two teams at work, and it always feels like I’m alone. Well, just me and (read: versus) the micromanager.

    Teammates would be nice.
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    @Floydimus and they get MVPs and ideas at almost no cost...
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    @Floydimus mine is online lol
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    @Floydimus so it's basically a double scam no free swag just free Matlab and credit to some random companies
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    @CruN those credits would require a minimum purchase so those are worthless, unless you want to make those purchases.

    I feel bad for you.
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    @Floydimus lol if I do win tho there's some decent prizes
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