Anyone else struggle to not just switch off when the business jargon starts?

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    Man I wish I could switch off... I just get a strong urge to smile and say "whattefuckdidyoujustsayyoudumbidiotyourealizeyoujustspokewordsthathavenomeaningwhatsoeverstrategizingsystemizationbusinessplankpilookingassmofo?"
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    Your socially-strategic methodologies and synergistic alternative scrum potentialities are cutting-edge turnkey neuron disruption.
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    @Root I'm very happy to give the feedback that I appreciate your quantum leap in streamlining the effectiveness of our lean and agile grass-roots outreach to partners and stakeholders alike.
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    @Root To translate:

    Your (attempts to con with buzzwords) and (bad ideas) are (effective at breaking my concentration).
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    Struggle? Nah man, I zone out on purpose.
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    It's finance jargon that gets me. 🧟🧠

    Anything from Product or marketing/Sales is already in my ballpark because we code it.

    Finance mainly do their own thing
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    @MammaNeedHummus lately it's been so bad that when anyone starts talking about our processes or anything IP related, it sounds like dial up connecting to me
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