funniest thing today: PM asking me to create a Jira subtask for EACH class / data type of the data model that I'm CURRENTLY concipating / designing in this story.

maybe I should write a Jira / Enterprise Architect integrated tool that updates Jira tasks based on my modeling actions, and count minutes until our sysadmin arrives at my desk.

jeez, that guy really has a fetish for kafkaesque bureaucracy.🤦‍♀️

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    This sucks so much that you could as well develop vacuum cleaners.
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    That'd make 2 retards.
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    That reminds me of the time I had to update 500 pipelines or something. Not a hard task, just changing one or key or something in each file. Our Ticketing system was e-mail based. You send an e-mail to help desk, they decide if they can do or escalate to devops. So I wrote a script to send 500 E-mails to help desk. My idiot boss was not amused but too incompetent to see the flaw in the system, again.
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