Managers: fullStackClown!!!! The image uploader on the dashboard at <insert 3rd party service here> isn't working!!!!!

fullStackClown: Yeah? What do you want me to do about it?

Managers: Well, fix it!

fullStackClown: ... * sigh * Well, in case you didn't realize, I don't work at <insert 3rd party service here>, so... unless you want me to go work for them instead of you absolute clowns (which I dream about daily), I cannot help you further in this matter.

Managers: ...

fullStackClown: ...

Kill me. 🤡

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    I haven’t met a single manager who has had any kind of development experience before.
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    @Anakata never had a CTO?
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    That's what happens. Every time AWS or Cloudflare has a major outage and takes down half the internet, people ask my team to fix it.

    "Sorry lady, the whole Internet is on fire and I only have a fire extinguisher, not a whole fire department."
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    literally had something similar to this happening yesterday
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    @bioDan My old organization had a CTO or “VP of Technology” but it was a big corporation with a rigid hierarchy so I never interacted with him. My current organization is a smaller company so we don’t have one (we don’t even have a technical lead— just some senior developers who guide us on how things are to be done).

    The point I am trying to make is “managers” and “management” completely insulate themselves from any performance related accountability (because they are “managers”). Moreover, they completely disregard or downright ignore structural issues (such as lack of manpower/resources, ambiguous requirements, lack of technical support/guidance etc).
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    When stuff doesn’t work with the main third party software we use (share point), the higher ups won’t take no for an answer and so I end up creating some very very junky workarounds most of the time. And I can’t say no because my predecessor showed that it was possible so now it’s scuffed code after scuffed code. One day the whole thing will collapse over the dozen of processes that are supposed to “fix” SharePoint and all the insanities written in there.
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