Oh man, today just gets better and better...

Manager: * Creates ticket, which has a link to a shared pdf, with each page being a link to another ticket in our JIRA with unrelated bugs of what we are currently working on. *

fullStackClown: I'm closing this ticket and putting this feedback in the original ticket that I assigned to you to review days ago.

Manager: Rages like a little baby and removes my access to said shared pdf.

fullStackClown: Welp, looks like I'm done for the day! Cheers!

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    That's a win in my book
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    A PDF with links to Jira tickets? You gotta be making this shit up. Yet I believe it. Let me go cry now
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    Doesn't JIRA just have a "related items" mechanic to link... well related items?
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    @kwilliams Why make anything easy? I'm a universe brain manager, of course I will make everything much harder than it has to be since I'm so smart!!!
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