I hate the syntax of this language. What do you guys think?

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    I generally like weird language syntaxes but that looks amazingly unreadable
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    This is on a yet another level of nope
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    This is what happens when you complain about Python being to easy of a language, but rather finding yourself a different language, take a dump on a screen, throw in some more math and pretend you made Python harder.
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    And for this reason, kids: if you mix drugs, you'll end up with something like this - a cautionary tale for upcoming language designers. (Looking at you google engineers..)
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    The logo is... 𝑛𝑖𝑐𝑒
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    I see indentations instead of {} blocks - I close the tab

    Technically it may be a good language. But if it requires effort to read/format the code - it's a deal breaker
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    @electrineer yeah the logo is nice indeed. I actually can't unsee that now.
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    The readme basically states that it handles like Rust, but for people who don't need any of Rust's benefits.

    As a huge fan and proponent of Rust, that just sounds awful.

    "Here, try this giant aggressive looking pickup truck. It's powered by a 2-cylinder moped engine so it's only useful for people who don't need to move heavy items or go faster than 10mph. But it looks cool!"
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    "loop! block! = while! do! True, block!"

    kill! it! = with! fire!
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