My favorite languages are
1. Python (3)
2. PHP
3. JavaScript
4. Ruby
5. Java

Honorable mention: C++

Can anyone agree?

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    Yeah JS and Python!
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    I agree with everything on your list except for items 2 to 5.
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    How can PHP be someone's favourite language?
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    Cut ruby (which I haven't tried yet) and java reverse your list (c++ comes in top) and there you go, that is my list :)
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    Mine's completely different 😀:

    1. C
    2. Rust
    3. C2
    4. C#
    5. C++

    Honorable mention: JS
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    1. Python 3x
    2. C++
    3. C
    4. Java
    5. JavaScript

    Honorable mention: Rust
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    1. C#
    2. Swift
    3. Java
    4. Never ever JavaScript 🤓
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    Honorable mention: Assembly

    That's right, I prefer assembly over JS and fucking php :p
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    1) C++
    2) C#
    3) C
    4) Kotlin (haven't used it a lot, love it so far though)
    5) my Assembly dialect (isn't even complete yet, need to finish my VM first)

    Honorable mention: Ruby
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    1. Ruby
    2. C
    3. JS

    Honorable mention: Assembly
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    1. Haskell
    2. Rust
    3. Python (3)
    4. JS (es6)
    5. PHP (7+)

    And yeah, I like PHP. Not so much for the language itself, but for the tooling, frameworks and packages which make it efficient & productive.
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    As a noob python prog.. What's the diferente between 2 and 3? I mean I'm using 2.7 cause of kivy and looks good...
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    @magnusi Thank you for introducing me to C2, this is all I wanted from C!
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    @RodrigoF python 2 is old and should be avoided like the plague, because hopefully someday it'll be deprecated in favour of 3
    (hopefully because it's been so fucking long they've co-existed)
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    @Jamoyjamie no problem, I have been participating in its development for a but longer than a year, so I can answer some questions if needed 😀
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    If no 1 is my go-to choice then...

    Integer.MAX_VALUE: JavaScript
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    Mine are probably
    1. Python 3
    2. Python 2
    3. C#
    4. Lua
    5. C++

    Honorable-ish mention: Javascript
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    Dear lord...
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    The amount of javascript is too damn high
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    @magnusi I have a question about C2:

    What is exactly is that?
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    @sonoflars Shut your mouth, JS is fucking beautiful.

    const compose = (f, g) => x => f(g(x))
    const twice = (a => b => (a * b)) (2)
    const Y = f => (x => x(x))(y => f(x => y(y)(x)));
    const factorial = Y(f => n => n < 1 ? 1 : n * f(n-1));
    const fibonacci = Y(f => n => n <= 1 ? n : (f(n-1)+f(n-2)))

    It's an FP-enabled language which works in the browser, as a scripting & webserver language (node), as a cross-platform desktop app (electron), and it has a vibrant ecosystem of packages.

    Sure it's a bit weak when it comes to overloading operators and using generics, it's typesystem is not great for safety or polymorphism, and it's still not what it could be in terms of consistency.

    I get that some JS stuff can be infuriating, especially some parts of the community and the messy unstable fanboyism around various libraries and frameworks. But how can anyone not at least love this quirky cute crazy language a little bit?
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    1. Python
  • 4
    @Krokoklemme it is a rather small programming language, which tries to take C and improve its aged aspects. This includes:

    - introduction of modules to replace header files
    - native support for libraries in the compiler
    - tweaks such as dot being used to access members of both 'struct*' and 'struct', index belonging to the type: char arr[] becomes char[] arr, etc.
    - readable function types/pointers
    - a bit stricter syntax at times to avoid making cryptic errors by oversight
    - struct functions - functions which work on structs and look either like: struct.make_a_new_one() or instance.do_something(with_another thing)
    - complete compatibility with C code
    - incremental arrays, which expand at compile time depending on modules imported.
    - keywords public/local to replace extern/static
    - all kinds of types are defined the same way

    And more, you can check out c2lang.org/site for more info.
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    I agree these are your favourite languages!
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    @magnusi Noice. I believe you started with C. BTW, how much experience do you have in c2 and how is it?
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    1. C++
    2. C
    3. Java
    4. Python

    Honorable mentions: MIPS and Agda
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    @darkness I actually started with C# as a matter of fact, it's all Cs, man, though. As for experience, I was with C2 since 1.5 years ago before it had any library support and many other nice features it has today, up to now, where the language, albeit still WIP and before 1.0, has become much better.

    I really like the features, which inspired me to contribute both code and ideas, but I guess it's a matter of taste
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    My #1 is Subjective-C
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    @ddephor Ah. I like that feature where = and == become interchangeable whenever you want.
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    @magnusi sounds interesting. I sure will take a look at it :)
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    NaN === NaN evaluates to false. Because fuck logic.

    But hey if you think it's cute and it makes you happy i see nothing wrong with it (:
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    Honourable mentions:
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    @b-atanasov That's actually logical. Something which is not a number, does not have to be equal to something else which is not a number. An apple is not a pear, and Math.sqrt(-1) !== 0/0.
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    @bittersweet never actually put thought in it! I guess you're right (:
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    @b-atanasov I agree that it would be an improvement if Javascript returned some kind of optional/monad/promise like structure from operations which could lead to exceptions, forcing you to unwrap it and handle edge cases explicitly.

    Although, that would lead to more verbose syntax, and one of the advantages of JS is simplicity — requiring more discipline from the developer to sanitize data manually.
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    ❤️ Elixir
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    @evilcoder java has been replaced by C# and ruby by C
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    @evilcoder I was going through a Ruby kick that didnt last long.
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