They actually did it...
Cheezus Crust, they actually "generated" 3 HTML selects to let a user chose a Date.
(nvm the line numbers, it ends at 3000)

They didn't even bother to generate the fucking arrays lol

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    Definitely written by a code monkey.
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    @Oktokolo yeah... these monkeys seem to be mostly students or fresh out of uni/high school and they have zero oversight or code reviews in that company...
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    wait... there is one for time as well...
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    oh nooo... and one for Date + Time...
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    Classic paid by LOC monkeys, I sympathise with your retrid code base.
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    This is so bad 😭😭😭
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    Bad but funny how they managed to use a loop for the years and not for the others ?

    Got the coder a stroke between line 2185 and 2186 ?

    At least, they return a string, and not just used an 'echo' like I see a lot :D
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    For the first ten seconds I wasn't sure what I was even looking at despite being told what it's supposed to be (╹д╹;) thicc tables..
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    I just love how pretty it looks with syntax colouring from afar. They should use this codebase in hacking scenes on TV. There is all least enough code to "infinitely" have scrolling by.
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    But seriously dude. Your posts make me see why PHP gets so much hate. I've been very fortunate to have worked with relatively sane people...
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    Written by a bot by the looks of it
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    @hjk101 PHP is good. It's some of the developers that gives it a bad name.
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    @ojt-rant @hjk101 Yeah, the main problem with PHP is that it allows us to write complete garbage. But nevertheless, I really like PHP. It has a good balance between static and dynamic typing and with the right experience and framework, you can get stuff done in the web, but nowadays I'd honestly switch to C# for web backends. It's less forgiving, but well established. All its syntax sugar and with .NET, I'd say PHP has become somewhat obsolete.
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    The worst part about this is that is starts on line 2155
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