Frontend dev for 10+ years here.

"We can't afford to hire you as a senior, so your job title will be 'Frontend Developer' and your tasks will carry less responsibility than expected from a senior"

One year in, team of 2 handling 3 projects.

After merging with the parent company, we got business cards, mine describe me as a "Senior Frontend UI Engineer".
"Well, our customers only trust seniors, otherwise we can't send you to them".

Meanwhile a former colleague earns >1000€ more a month.

Yeah, fuck you too bosses!

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    the best option is to Leave, and get a better paying job.
    Talk to your bosses, and ask for a raise fitting a senior. do not tell them how much, let them figure it out on thier own.
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    Yea time to start job hunting
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    Had this too, then I got bullshit tasks and goals for turning senior... Which I completed to get a new set of tasks and goals to complete again ... When they pulled this for the third year in a row... Just had to quit, why promise if you do not deliver???
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