Guess the car company

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    Yea they suck. Americans just dont get it. But idc what bs they buy
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    I had a suspicion, but model █ gave it away

    it's Tetris
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    Kek, I guess this is what happens once your car is more computer than mechanics
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    @electrineer lol this made me laugh way more than it should
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    @thebiochemic 😂 as if all the other problems didn't
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    @kiki fair enough 😅
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    is this a list of known bugs, or a list or feature requirements?
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    Control module destroys itself: excessive logging wears down the flash because the noob devs forgot to disable debug logging. Tesla claims it's just a wearing part.

    Rear bumper just falls off in heavy rain because why run an all-weather test campaign? It's sunny in California!

    Tesla also thinks it's a bright idea to produce cars in improvised tents. That no other car manufacturer does this must be because Tesla is so "innovative".
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    @kiki I'd have said FIAT, but you seem to talk about an EV...

    Edit: It's probably a Tesler!
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    Tesla Passat
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    for me, "problems charging" gave away that it's tesla
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    @netikras and the 'tdi' version obviously...

    Lol .... funny enough, if they hadn't gotten caught with the whole scam, I can totally see VW trying to sell a "100% EV" turbodiesel
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    @theKarlisK 1.9 tdi ev :)
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    @electrineer A Lada Niva won't let you down no matter the weather or the terrain. That beefy offroad vehicle that look like a compact car from the 70ies is robust and easy to repair. When your life depends on reliable transportation and you can choose between any other car and a Lada Niva - take the Lada.

    Tesla is more like Citroen - the cars are designed more for providing garage owners a steady income than actually getting their owners somewhere.
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    @Oktokolo the most comfortable cars I've ever been in have been Citroëns, especially from the 90s. Admittedly, the dude who rode them knew how to repair them himself. He also drove a Lada Niva, that was fun in its own way.
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    @electrineer The old DS indeed is the most comfortable car.
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    @netikras cant be a 1.9 tdi, they are too reliable for that.

    and obvously, the reason the earth spins is due to the 1.9 tdi at it's core, so it definitely must be older than tesla
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