I know that my job searching is just a small chunk of what grownups and people after school and early duties do, but what I've went through while searching for a job in the summer was a hellish nightmare: out of ~60 companies i ever nudged, only ~3 companies returned to me.


unelated, but i am currenty working on the big altrant QoL update - the stupid visual glitch in the title in the profile screen is already fixed!

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    I remember those days, good., well actually bad to see nothing has changed with companies just being silent.

    Best job interview process I ever had was applying on Monday, interview on Tuesday, signed contract on Wednesday, had a 4 hour handover of the last dev on his last day and..... basically told to sink or swim 🤪

    There was about 4 months between jobs and I lost count of how many applications I filled in, interviews had, and funnily enough, 1 place hitting me up 12 months later saying they are interested if I'm still looking for work 😅 that one took the cake.

    Dont give up, the right job is out there.
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