Nothing better than debugging 7000+ lines of css code when the theme had Grunt setup by default. (Old theme needs update because of client reasons)

Luckily the dev did a good job of adding comments. So I got that going on for me.

Trying to stay more positive this week.

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    seems like a huge task.

    But out of curiosity, how do you debug your css code ? Oo

    Do you use special tools for debugging ?
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    @Grumm Usually is more about refactoring rather than debugging.

    Convert CSS into SCSS. Separate into SMACSS components. And separate states vs components with animations

    I see that most jr. Devs put everything into one file and don't follow the coding standards setup by the framework.

    So technically I will consider it buggy code since it's not following any standard. Just "hacks"

    Very hard to expand upon or create features on top of it.
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    I've had to do a similar task once... it almost cost me everything...
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    @PonySlaystation The dev did not follow any standards at all. Used dumb js hacks for sliders and images and left a steaming pile to debug. I'm usually very chill with jr codebase but damn this person shouldn't be allowed to code alone at that level. Glad I overestimate this project since this has been a nightmare to debug
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