I really dont think the project manager who passed out from IIM recently deserves to be paid so much than us devs. I don't know why but I feel it's not fair to pay someone 3 times that of my salary for just sending emails and having some meetings..

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    There is always the argument that mgmt bears more responsibilty. Does this justify three, four, ten, hundred times the salary? Is it even true?
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    @horus i don't know man, our project manager just does emailing and taking requirements from clients and telling us to do our tasks fast, that's it...anyone can do that, that's dumb work
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    I don't mind they're getting high paycheck if they're good (i.e understanding devs limitation, supporting devs with resources, reasonable deadline etc.). A good PM will save company's money (and devs mental health) a lot.

    But I would mind if they're being useless and just transferring all responsibilities to the devs.
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