a dude just DROPPED the whole Fu**ing mongodb cluster. like Right Now.

multiple databases, expanding multiple projects.

fortunately in dev. but dunno how much data is recoverable.

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    He is a genius
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    "Achievement unlocked - Nuke multiple databases!"
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    Good job
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    Is his name Tim by any chance?
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    Next achievement: MAD - nuke a production database as part of the recovery effort for a previously nuked production database
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    Even if it was local on-premise small testing environment, I wouldn't enjoy being in his place dropping a cluster 😅
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    Is he a newbie or is he someone who have worked for a long time? It's kind of weird that your company gave DROP SCHEMA / DROP TABLE privilege to a newbie.
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    I wanna hire him for my company.
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    "but dunno how much data is recoverable." - data that isn't BACKED THE FUCK UP isn't important and doesn't need to be recovered.

    case closed.
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    If you dont even have any backup system in place I wouldnt blame the dude.
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    and he's no more.
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    I love a good fire drill in dev. Shows you what a real production emergency will look like, or teaches you how to rebuild shit from the ground up after ten years.

    These are opportunities for team building, especially when the impact to business revenue is negligible.
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