Hardest internship project?

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    They wanted us to make website builder same like WiX in 3months (they wanted better than wix tbh...)
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    A friend of mine was supposed to write an operating system within 2 months
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    Analyze and correct 10 years worth of research data based on one completely off calculation all alone.
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    Fix wordpress shit.
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    We were asked to port a HUGE web app from asp to asp.net JUST BECAUSE.

    We had scarce knowledge about the app purpose and none about its internals.

    Our manager had more than enough with providing us with the DB password. He either didn't have time for us or didn't have an idea of how the original app worked.

    My partner was a compulsive class creator who decided to create classes for just about everything.

    My desk was behind a server whose LOUD fan blew the hell out of my deafening ears.

    Designers and devs were working in same room. There was this designer girl who played music on headphones and would quite often sing out loud, breaking my nerves and concentration and making me want to strangle her because at least she could sing well, but hell no.

    We obviously never completed the project over the 3 months and at the end I was offered a job which I politely declined arguing I wanted to keep studying (miserable lie). I just wanted to escape from hell.
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    Developing a system which notifies subscribed users of train running info.
    Hard not because i was a Rookie, bcoz i was the only one concerned about scalability

    All this work coz i had an idea
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