It is with great sorrow I am announcing that an Apple Watch can catch fire while on your wrist. I bashed Fitbit very hard for this when they were giving people burn scars for life. Collecting and selling data is one thing, but mutilating bodies because of negligence and wanting to save a buck on manufacturing is a whole another thing. It seems like Apple is not much different.

I am struggling with body dysmorphia, and I told you out loud that if a Fitbit device gave me a burn scar for life, I would've probably committed suicide. I still stand by these words. My body integrity is a big deal to me. Having a scar due to my own negligence, like mishandling a knife, is one thing, but the concept itself that some fucking hustle culture startup can mutilate my body is another thing. It scares me.

I am considering to abandon any kind of wearable electronics altogether. The cost of failure is just too high. I'm probably going to get a mechanical Timex or a Seiko.

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    Guess what, batteries can catch fire. Now nobody needs a "smart"watch. We really dont care.
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    Yeah this has been happening to their computers for quite some time too. We had 2 macbooks puff up like that at work.

    One more reason to not trust apple. Their builds are sub-par
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    It's more than ten years since I don't wear anything on my wrists and I'm happy with it.
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    @cafecortado fluffy handcuffs excluded, right? :)
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    @netikras oh I have vintage handcuffs I got in antique shop, they're all heavy and rusty and stuff, you know, authentic
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    Nothing beats a Rolex
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    @rantsauce rolex is the worst. I'm infuriated by their whole “muh we're special you can't know the price you can't buy without booking appointment muh resell value” attitude. I love _real_ watchmaking, as in polishing quality, heritage, complications, symmetry, proportion, materials, aesthetics.

    For the price of a datejust, Chopard LUC XPS wipes the floor with rolex in terms of quality. Also, Jaeger-LeCoultre, though I'm not a fan of the visuals.

    For the price of a daytona, you can easily get Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision, with escapement printed in silicon instead of machined from metal, truly iconic innovative design, impressive tech.

    If you're a sheep who's there for the bling, e.g. to impress other people you don't care about, get a rolex I guess. If you're in for the watchmaking, get literally anything else.
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    @kiki source: single tiktok video on 4 year old apple watch and bunch of twitter comments.
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    Buy you are special, @kiki
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    @kiki yeah I agree with what you said, I was making fun of the Rolex club. I'd rather get a Zenith or a Seiko than a Rolex.
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    @kiki also making a stance against the smart watch club of douchery.
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    @rantsauce Zenith has my approval, as their design language is truly unique. When you see a Zenith watch, you know it.

    Seiko is the most affordable real watchmaker. By being “real watchmaker” I mean producing watches of impressive detail and finishing. I can't quite point my finger at it, but my autistic brain loves detail and knows it when it sees it, and I wanna say, Seiko passes. If you compare any Seiko Presage with applied markers to, say, a Seamaster Aqua-terra, you can see it. Both dials seem three feet deep. Compared to that, Timex is flat and dead, not even mentioning things like mvmt and vincero. I don't quite understand how this is achieved. Maybe it is polishing, maybe it is angles. Seiko probably learned it from Philippe Dufour when they hired him to make Credor series.

    Seiko is only held back by their fanbase and the never-ending reddit circlejerk.
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    R u seeing a therapist?
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    @kiki man, you know your watches!
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    @rantsauce thanks 🥰
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    It's normal for li-ion batteries to swell as they age. It's not necessarily dangerous since it's a feature that's supposed to be taken into account in the design. What could Apple do in this case? Make the watch larger or the battery smaller? You're supposed to buy a new watch every year anyway. They're not quality items like real watches, they resemble single use items like napkins.
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    Yes batteries can catch fire, this is old news and can happen literally with anything with a battery… Your smartphone in your pocket is no better, nor is your electric car or whatever else you may have.

    My reasoning with debates like that is that they’re meaningless, this is just pushing info at the very bottom of the stack to it’s top again. Nothing new is created. And besides if everyone was scared of what might happen then nobody would do anything. Don’t cross the road there might be a drunk car driver nearby, etc…
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    @Earu first, about drunk drivers and the risk. We are subjected to all kinds of risk we cannot avoid. On top of that, we have risks that _can_ be avoided, like a smartwatch catching fire on your wrist. If you can eliminate a risk without lowering your quality of life, you better do it.

    Second, about the phone. I don't carry my phone in my pocket. It's in my bag. At least I can throw it away.

    Third, about wearables specifically. Re-read my rant. Having a scar for life because of some corporation cutting costs is a very specific scenario that scares me. I want to avoid precisely that. I'm okay with getting scars due to my own stupidity. I'm not okay with a corporation mutilating my body.
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