Interviewer: Hello I’m calling for your phone interview now

Dev: You’re about an hour early calling but I can accommodate

Interviewer: Well it’s more convenient for me to do it now

Dev: …Alrighty then.

Interviewer: So I am from HR πŸ˜‡*pause for effect*

Dev: …

Interviewer: Um, typically candidates start the interview by thanking me for consideration for this role.

Dev: Your job description was very vague so I don’t really know what I would be thanking you for.

Interviewer: 😑. It’s me that’ll be determining whether or not to pass you on to The Management.

Dev: …The Management?

Interviewer: Yes πŸ€—.

Dev: I’m no longer interested *click*.

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    'HOW DARE YOU?!'
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    What does "The Management" mean to you?
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    @Demolishun It’s more the way he said it, hard to convey with text. It’s like they were considered deity’s and not people. This was just a snippet, the guy was being a giant ass hat the entire call.
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    You say it was a guy. I was picturing a woman behaving this way. Yikes.
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    You would have to pay for having the privilege of working for them.
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    LMAO he wanted to be thanked for doing his job. It was his job to call potential workers.
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    In this situation, when I'd deffo decided not to proceed, I say something like, "Has anybody ever told you you're empathic and think of others first? They were lying; you're an asshole." click
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    @boombodies pretty please provide the rest! I love reading about people making ass hats out of themselves
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    @iSwimInTheC There’s a couple other tidbits that I keep stewing over on that call. I don’t doubt they’ll eventually get posted
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    @boombodies can't wait to eat that stew
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    wow. is it really *expected* to be thanked for being selected? like, did they do any favours to me for selecting my profile for the interview? if their were 1000 applications, mine was made in a manner that checked all of their "right candidate" boxes and made their job easier. so shouldn't they be thanking me?
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    Bullet dodged.
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    How dare you, you ... you ... peasant.
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